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The use of laser technology in the field of cosmetics is a booming thing at this time. For example it is used in hair reduction, skin rejuvenation, remove flek black or pimple scar treatment, therapy and vascular lesions (such as port wine stains and spider navi). Even Laser is also used in the tattoo.

If you are interested in using laser technology, the importance of risk must be in use, in addition to benefits.

Many medical devices that use laser technology has been licensed for use in different countries are used in cosmetic therapy. This technology includes various types of lasers, Intense Pulsed light and its energy-frequencynya radio, all of which work with the same basic principles.

Lasers emit light energy (visible or invisible) with a specific wavelength, which is tailored to the type of network that will diterapi body. When the light energy to the target organnya, this energy will be absorbed and converted into heat. If this procedure works correctly, then the heat will damage the cells that have become a target without a significant effect on the surrounding cells or organs.

For hair reduction (hair reduction) systems, laser target on the melanin (or pigment black) on the folikel hair (or hair roots). To reduce wrinkling and treatment skar whelk, appliance will have a target and destroy the cells around the surface of the skin. The result will be the same with the skin rejuvenation treatment with the traditional or conventional procedures, such as Peeling with chemical substances and mechanical abrasion. To treat vascular lesions, such as spider veins, laser rays from this will go directly vein. If you use a wavelength that adekuat, the blood vessel will be damaged and the part akan diabsorpsi by the body. Likewise in the handling of the skin defect and tattoos, have the same basic principles.

The effectiveness of cosmetic laser procedures depends on many factors, such as:
• Selection tool in the provision of appropriate treatment;
• Training and experience of the use of laser equipment;
• The length of the light wave energy on the target network;
• Use of power settings, duration of each vibration energy, the amount of time between the vibration, the number of vibrations per therapy, and the amount of treatment provided, and
• skin color and / or hair of the akan diterapi.

Factors also determine the type and level of risk that may appear simultaneously with the therapy.

Risks associated with Terapi Cosmetic Laser
Although the selection tool used for the laser therapy is appropriate, while there is still a risk that will arise, such as post-therapy pain, skin redness, swelling and a bruise. Some lasers are equipped with air conditioner (cooling devices) to reduce this risk. Other side effects that may arise such as scald, a burn and a sense of infection. In some cases, the skin will become more white or black, but this complication is rarely permanent.

If the tool does not use the right procedure or treatment does not progress well, then the results will not be diharapan or can even arise or the network used a permanent scar. Also at risk of damage to the eyes if not using eye protection during laser therapy.

Other things that need to be
Expensive cosmetic laser procedures, and we can be disappointed if the results are not expected to be achieved or not a realistic expectation. For example, laser hair reduction (hair reduction) works well in people with light skin and dark hair. But not effective in the blonde hair, red, gray, or white or people with black skin color. Most people have to go through several session to obtain a good result. Depending on the operator and sitem laser used, can occur in permanent hair reduction (about 30%), but this does not guarantee the same results on every person or every part of the human body.

Also, the level of effectiveness of different types of cosmetic laser therapy is subjective. The same results in one person not necessarily obtained by other people. In addition, some treatment, such as skin rejuvenation, require follow-up care is complete, can take up to 2 weeks for recovery.

Minimize risk
The best way to minimize risk is looking for information that results from the research. Find procedures that suit your needs. Find information about the time needed for recovery and follow-up care. Investigation, risk, and compare it with the existing benefits in accordance with the type of skin and hair, or you.

If you decide to use the procedure so make sure the laser operator has experience and adequate training so that procedures can take place safely and effectively.

Make sure to use eye protection equipment, and ask questions about cooling the skin during laser therapy. Also make sure that the equipment used has been licensed.

Finally, make a commitment to follow all the follow-up care is needed. (Fernando Gazali)

Djuanda, Adhi et al. Skin Diseases and Sciences Kelamin Edition IV. FKUI. Jakarta, 2005
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